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Opal Bunkering LLC Management

Opal Bunkering LLC is now a comprehensive global maritime group providing essential products and services to the merchant fleet, along with supplying crew and technical management to the largest and most complex vessels ever to sail. Committed to shaping the maritime industry, we also seek to develop new opportunities and collaborations in renewables, zero-emission shipping, and opal bunkering llc digitalization.

Ship Management

Our ship management services include managing and arranging supplies, bunkering, fresh water supply, ship spares and machinery, food provisions and bond stores for our ships. We ensure that our ships are well maintained and that they meet all health and safety standards for your cargo.

Bunker Supply

Opal Bunkering LLC is bunker supply company operating out of Khorfakkan / Kalba / Sharjah / Fujairah. Like our competitors and business partners in the UAE, we are a small member and one of the many entities forming part of this prestigious industry in the UAE.

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Opal Bunkering LLC Management

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Objectives of Opal Bunkering LLC

Customer’s satisfaction

We give our best performance and maintain internal relationships in order to ensure customer satisfaction.


We ensure the safety of lives, environmental protection and the safety of vessels and cargos.

Team/Resource Management

With skilled hands both on shore and on board, we are committed to deliver the best opal bunkering llc management experience.

Advanced technology

We integrate latest technology into shipboard functions, without overburdening the crew, customers and clients.

With acquisition of maritime center, we are looking ahead to have ship management and crewing set up in India as this will enable us in giving cost efficient service to our partners to keep ahead ours

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